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Essential Guide to Natural Home Remedies

Lifting the Spirits

The Chinese Herbal Cookbook

Practical Chinese Medicine

Home Herbal

The Complete Guide Medicinal Herbal

Penelope Ody has written more than 20 books on herbal topics covering both medicinal uses and cooking


The Complete Medicinal Herbal (1993, Dorling Kindersley)
The Home Herbal (1995, Dorling Kindersley)

Handbook of Over-the-Counter Herbal Medicine (1996, Kyle Cathie)

100 Great Natural Remedies (1997, Kyle Cathie)

Pocket Medicinal Herbs (1997, Dorling Kindersley)

Simple Healing with Herbs (1997, Hamlyn)

Herbal First Aid (1999, Keats Publishing Inc.)

Herbs for a Healthy Pregnancy (1999, Keats Publishing Inc.)

Making Time for Me (1999, Kyle Cathie)

Simple Home Herbal Remedies (1999, Marshall)

101 Essential Tips: Herbal Remedies (1999, Dorling Kindersley)

Sage: Nature's remedy for the third age (2000, Souvenir Press)

Nature's Health: Complete Guide to Medicinal Herbs (2000, Dorling Kindersley)

Practical Chinese Medicine (2000, Godsfield Press)

The Chinese Herbal Cookbook with Alice Lyon and Dragana Vilinac (2000, Kyle Cathie)

Popular Herbal Remedies (2000, Philip M Byrne)

The Holistic Herbal Directory (2004, Grange Books)

The Secret of Chinese Herbal Medicine (2001, Doling Kindersley)

Joint Pains: A guide to Natural Home Remedies (2002, Souvenir Press)

Essential Guide to Natural Home Remedies (2002, Kyle Cathie)

Lifting the Spirits: Nature's Remedies for Stress and Relaxation (2003, Souvenir Press)

The Chinese Medicine Bible (2010, Godsfield Press )

The Complete Medicinal Herbal (2017, Skyhorse)

Turmeric : Nature's miracle healer – fact or fiction? (2018, Souvenir Press) – available direct from Penelope Ody – please see enquiries page.

Extracts from reviews:

The Complete Medicinal Herbal (1993):
“What sets this book apart from others is its obvious synthesis of tradition, including historical European data, modern phytotherapy facts, and subtle nuances from Chinese and Ayurvedic traditional medicine systems, reflecting the author's training and interests.  Those looking for an entry-level, quick-reference will find Complete Medicinal Herbal a book that can be recommended with confidence.

Stephen Foster, Herbalgram

Home Herbal (1996)
...the first fully illustrated, easy-to-use practical family guide to making and using safe, effective herbal remedies for physical and emotional well being

Nursing Times

100 Great Natural Remedies (1998) in-depth, down-to-earth guide to using and making herbal remedies...

Here’s Health

Handbook of Over-the-Counter Herbal Medicines (1996)
...a comprehensive practical guide to help us find our way through the herbal maze...

John Lander, International Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Practical Chinese Medicine (2000)
This is a fascinating read

Hilary Boyd, Daily Express

Essential Guide to Natural Home Remedies (2002)...Brimming with information...  

Ideal Home

...user and reader friendly it would make a great pressie and could prove invaluable in the kitchen

Evening Standard

Herbs for a Healthy Pregnancy (1999)
This book should prove to be a valuable contribution for women seeking a natural herbal alternative during pregnancy

Michael Tierra (founder of American Herbalists Guild)

Turmeric (2018)
...informative and accessible, providing a very readable overview of this important herb.

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